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English for Executive Administrative Assistant

Rp 56.000,-

Nina Inayati & Puji Sumarsono
978-979-796-505-1 e-ISBN 978-979-796-504-4
16 x 23 cm

Sinopsis Buku

English for Executive Administrative Assistant (EAA) is written to
fulfill students’ need to learn English for specific Purposes, especially
those who plan to work as a professional administrative staff. The
need for increased English language skills for personnel of Professional
administration is an urgent matter, as the era of globalization has
penetrated into various sectors; economics, culture, science, and so on.
Therefore, professional Administrative Personnel are required to have
competence English and professional attitude to be able to fulfill the
needs of the institution or company they represent.
This book consists of five units which are developed from the
decree of the English Language consortium at the Directorate of Course
Development and Institution, Directorate General of Non Formal and
Informal Education, Ministry of National Education (National Work
Competency Standards/SKKNI), year 2009. The first three units are
organized into specific language skills (Reading, Writing and Speaking),
containing various activities designed to train and improve students’
English proficiency related to the targeted administrative skills. Unit
I covers negotiation skills, with the focus on the discussion, practices
and useful expressions relevant to conducting effective negotiation in
English Language. Unit II covers presentation skills, with key elements
of how to make effective presentation in English Language discussed
and practiced. Next, Unit III covers Public Relations, with various
elements of administrative tasks with close relations to public relations
issues discussed and practiced. which are then followed by practices to perform administrative tasks
using effective English Language. To be more specific, Unit IV covers
intermediate communication strategies, including various English
expressions indicating hesitation, reflection, formal and informal
requests, offers, intentions, acceptance and refusal. Finally, Unit V
covers summaries and reports, with a range of tips to write good reports
in English, followed by examples and practices. The writing tasks in
Unit IV and V are mostly presented in the form of guided writing which
provides students with the language expressions they need to complete
the relevant administrative tasks. In addition to reading and writ¬ing
exercises, it also presents speaking which explains about a concept
which is then followed by speaking practices.

Daftar isi

Preface ~ v
Table of contents ~ vii
Unit I Negotiation Skills ~ 1
A. Introduction to Negotiation ~ 1
B. Principles of Effective Negotiation ~ 5
C. General Procedure of Negotiation ~ 13
D. Conducting A Negotiation ~ 18
E. Things to Avoid in Negotiation ~ 25
Unit II Giving a Presentation ~ 33
A. Introduction To Presentation ~ 33
B. Types Of Presentation ~ 38
C. Elements of Presentation ~ 44
D. Making Good Presentation ~ 50
E. Things to Avoid in Presentation ~ 56
Unit III Public Relations ~ 63
A. Introduction to Public Relations ~ 63
B. Effective Public Relations ~ 69
C. Promoting Company Profile ~ 76
D. Crisis Control ~ 83

Unit IV Intermediate Communication Strategy ~ 93
A. Expression of Hesitation ~ 93
B. Expression of Reflection ~ 94
C. Signal Words ~ 95
D. Expressions Used for Discussion ~ 98
E. Idioms ~ 98
F. Formal and Informal Language ~ 100
Unit V Writing Summaries and Reports ~ 109
A. Building Paragraph ~ 109
B. Writing Summaries ~ 117
C. Writing Reports ~ 121
References ~ 139
Index ~ 143
Glossarium ~ 145