English for Language Learners

Rp 75.000,-
English for Specific
16 x 23 cm

Sinopsis Buku

English for Language Learners is written to fulfill students' need in learning English for Specific Purposes. This book is designed to provide to provide an opportunity for students to develop their English skills more communicatively and meaningfully.
    This book consists of twenty eight units. Each unit presents reading, writing, and speaking sections. Reading section mainly consists of pre reading, reading comprehension, and vocabulary exercises related to the topic of the text. However, some reading sections have additional authentic text and its exercise. In writing section, some structure and sentence patterns are presented from the easiest to the most difficult exercises. Meanwhile, in speaking section, students are provided with models and examples followed by practical activities presented in various ways. The materials have been arranged and graded in accordance with students' language levels.
    To improve the quality of this textbook, criticisms and suggestions for better editions are highly appreciated.